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What is Arsha World?

Arsha World is an earnest endeavor of a few patrons to assimilate the traditional way of life practised in the Vedic times in and around today’s India and broader South-East Asia.

Aarsha Vidya Samajam is an institution for the study and dissemination of Sanathana Dharma in its inherent scientific form. It is aimed at educating the world about the real Hinduism through Anushtana (Practice) - Vidyabhyasa (Systematic Study) - Prachaarana (Promotion) - Samrakshana (Preservation) of Sanathana Dharma to restore our cultural glory and build a better society.

We aim to bring back generations of disillusioned Hindus to the right understanding and practice of Dharma and uniting them as proud Sanathana Dharmis fulfilling the mottos “Krinwantho Vishwamaryam” – make the whole universe noble, “Manurbhava Janaya Daivyam Janam” – be the human and create divine beings, “Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu” – may there be peace for all. To create a heavenly place out of the ordinary, to re-establish Satyayuga, to impel men to be of divine nature is the motto of Sanathana Dharma.

India has witnessed rampant religious conversions throughout its history. This is due to Hindus’ lack of understanding about their Dharma. The vested interests have banked upon this, and propagated their spurious ideologies through allurement as well by use of brutal force.

We aim to nip unchecked conversions in the bud from Hinduism to other religions through our courses that emphasize on both Sanathana Dharma and a Comparative study with other delusive religions and ideologies.

Also, blind beliefs, moral abandonment, suicides, lawlessness, drug abuse, broken families, high debts, and poverty are commonplace in Hindu society. The root cause of all these taboos is the lack of awareness and practice of Dharma from a young age.

We envision a world where Sanathana Dharma is not unheard-of. And people irrespective of what religion or culture they were born into, would get equal opportunities to learn Dharma in its pristine form.

Established in 1999 by Yogacharya Sri K R Manoj ji and 3 young disciples, Aarsha Vidya Samajam has been successful in returning more than 3200 people, both men and women from the grasp of religious conversion. These people are mostly adolescents and young adults. This was possible through religious counselling achieved through dialogue and debates and rehabilitation through practice of Dharma and Yoga.

The returned converts have been restored of their lost dignity and have returned to their normal lives.

Arsha world endorses and supports the following sub-entities currently:

  • Aarsha Vidya
    Reg No: EKM/TC/691/2012
  • Vijnana Bharathi
    Vidya Kendram
    Reg No: ER/273/09
  • Sivasakthi Yoga
    Vidya Kendram
    Reg No: ER/404/09
  • Maneesha
    Samskarika Vedi

Apart from these we also support Vijnana Bharathi Magazine, Vijnana Bharati Learning Centre, Vijnana Bharathi Educational & Charitable Society

The core objective of these bodies are to align any seeker to sources of knowledge on realization of human potential and divinity within us all. The ultimate aim of reaching the God through a content life has been well defined and explained by our ancient “sages”. Aarsha Vidya is one traditional name to the way of life practised in pre-vedic times in and around today’s India and South East Asia. The term Aarsha itself means associated with God. Aarsha vidya or sanathana Dharma are the more encompassing names of the way of life practised in this region. Hinduism is the more location specific name that was attributed by the external visitors to this land.

In simplistic terms, Aarsha means related to God. It is a way of life believed to be revealed to humans by the first Adiyogi (who is believed to be Lord Shiva or God in his human form) who descended to planet earth and taught the seven divine natured saints or rishis Aarsha is not a religion it’s a way of living life to its full realization. It’s a way of living in a way to realize and fully understand the inherent divinity that every human has been blessed with.

Aarsha Vidya is the first comprehensive technique of evolving self from the basic form of being to (intelligence and understanding of all aspects of life) to the supreme most way of being possible by a human.

Yogacharya Manoj ji
About the Director

Yogacharya KR Manoj ji is a post-graduate in Philosophy and Comparitive Religion and holds a PG Diploma in Journalism(Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan). Acharya ji has worked with Janmabhoomi Daily and Kerala Mid-Day Times.

Acharya ji had been a disciple of Sri Sankara Gurudevan, Nikhileshwarananda Paramahansa, Sri Bodhananda Saraswathi and draws lineage to the Guruparampara of Paramahansa Yogananda who established Yogoda Satsang Society of India(YSS), Ranchi and studied Sanathana DHarma, Tantra Vidya, Yoga Vidya, and related Indian Sciences, in the traditional Guru-Sishya style.

Acharya ji imbibed the richness of Yoga from YSS, Bihar School of Yoga established by Sri Sathyananda Saraswathi, International Centre for Yoga Education & Research(ICYER), Pondicherry, and Sivananda Yoga-Vedanta International University, Neyyar Dam established by Vishnudevananda.

Acharya ji earned a certificate in Hypnotic Counselling from Bharat Samaj Skill Mission School accredited by Central Govt.

Acharya ji earned Black belts 3 dan in Kalari Payattu, Karate, Choondaani Marma, and Marma Chikitsa from Indian Martial Arts Academy.

Acharya ji trained in Marma Vidya under Kollam Prakashan Gurukul.

Through knowledge gained from his experiences with these great Gurus and his own research, Acharya ji has meticulously crafted the syllabus of our courses.

The courses are taught right from the word meanings to the minutest complex details through various levels in simple student-friendly manner.

Arsha World have a team of educated youth who are well versed in our scriptures, Sanathana Dharma etc who regularly conducts classes to Hindus so that they have a clear idea of their spiritual wealth. These classes are conducted in our centre as well as in places arranged by those who are eager to study their religion.

" The source of ultimate knowledge "

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