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Bringing back a convert to Sanathana Dharma is a highly risky Rescue Operation.

They delude and allure through Love Jihad, Intellectual Jihad, and the like, and convert young men and women into their religion. We bring them back, and more than 10 of them become our full-time workers, and 4 of them write books describing their experience of conversion – How can the Jihadi forces tolerate all this? Hence, they are using every notorious way to bring down this institution that functions beyond what they can withstand. Jihadi forces and their media have been at a virtual war against AVS since 21st September 2017, the day of Kasaragod Athira’s Press Conference. Framed cases, defamatory propaganda, biased Media reports… Although the Police know the reality, this is what we are facing since they are undermined by high political pressure.

We get atleast 10-20 calls from parents within Kerala and outside, requesting us to somehow save their children. For ordinary medical and mental illness, one can be taken to a Hospital or to a Mental health Centre, or to a deaddiction Centre in case of dependencies. We know very well that most of them who call us those who are burning up since they are unaware where to approach, and what is the cure for this new mental condition characterized by fundamentalism and bigotry, headed towards terrorism and extremism. Yet, we are in a situation where we have to turn down these tearful requests. We have reached a point where we cannot undertake counseling cases without having our own premises.

The situation in Kerala is worsening. In a state where religious conversion centres are operating openly, people are crying foul when young women come to our Centre accompanied by their parents, to learn Sanathana Dharma and clear their misconceptions, after signing a willingness Affidavit before a Notary. Kerala is a state that has given atleast a 100 people to the IS. Termed God’s own Country, in Kerala which has now emerged as a breeding ground for terror internationally, a certain section of people, Media, and Politicians are hunting down activities that prevent religious conversion; while highly secure and fully equipped conversion centres with CCTV surveillance systems and heavy security, spread over acres of land continue to exist. Those who have visited Satyasarani at Manjeri, Tarbiyathul Islam Sabha in Kozhikode, Maunathul Islam Sabha in Ponnani, or Potta-Muringoor Divine Retreat Centre, will have realized that Aarsha Vidya Samajam is capable of raising strong ideological resistance against these. But, 20+ full timers, 10+ inmates, students, and counselees are stay in a constrained rented house with enormous rent, no security, and no assurance of where the next meal would come from. We are already facing death threats from extremist organizations like the SDPI. AVS is functioning under pathetic circumstances created by Jamaat e Islami’s official News channel, Media One that has unleashed false propaganda against us to evict us anyhow, and anytime. The only way out is to find a permanent solution and the only option is to have our own Centre.

[ML] - O. Sruthi appealing for funding of Asthana Mandira Paddhati


1. Sanghatana Offices – Front Office, Administrative Office, Conference Hall, IT Centre.

2. Vijnanabharathi Research Foundation and International University (Vijnanabharathi Vishwavidyapeetham), Vijnanabharathi International Learning Centre – Teacher Training Centres
- An institution which is going to be a harmony of Ancient and Modern sciences under one roof; delivered in various languages; and generating capable teachers, researchers, and volunteers.
- Digital Classrooms, Teachers’ Room, Library, Reading room, Book Publishing Centre, Book-CD-DVD Stall, Recording and CD-DVD Publishing Centre, DTP Centre, Language Lab, Auditorium.

3. Spiritual Centres – Dhyana Kendra, Kshetra that functions as per North Kerala customs, Satsanga Hall, Yoga Hall, Sun-bathing and Sun-viewing centre, Bhajana Mandapam, Dharma Pathasala, Annadanam, pool.

4. Aarsha Counselling Centre – A fully-equipped counselling centre, complying with all provisions of the Law, consisting of a Psychiatric – Psychologic clinic, Hypnotic Clinic, and a Mini Hospital.

5. Residential Facilities – Quarters for Full-time staff and teachers, Gents’ and Women’s hostel for inmates and students, Guest Rooms, Boarding rooms for counselees and their guardians.

6. Food facilities – Kitchen, Mess Hall, Canteen, Organic farm, Dairy.

7. Sevana Kendras – Old age homes, Day care, Palliative Clinic

8. Educational Institutions – Play School, Pre-school, Kindergarten, Model School, Open schools.

9. Other facilities –
- Safety and Security measures
- Parking facilities
- Vehicles
- Health Club
- Swimming Pool
- Museum
- Park
- Flower Gardens
- Zodiac Gardens
- Medicinal Garden
- Playground
- Shops
- Service Centres etc.

We envision such a Spiritual Centre (Spiritual City) to attract Indians and foreigners alike. To materialize this dream project, we will require atleast Rs 25 Crores.

Of this, a minimum of Rs 6 Crores is required to set up a basic centre with the most essential of facilities. The ‘Jnana Ganga’, knowledge course of Aarsha Vidya Samajam, that saved 3500 families and illuminated the lives of ten thousand others with Sanathana Dharma must not cease to flow. Our institutions must stand strong. At this crucial point, where we have to determine whether Hindu Dharma, Hindu Society, Culture, Nation, Sciences must continue to exist or not, we are only implying that helping us in ways possible in your capacity is the need of the hour. I humbly request the collective participation of all good Samaritans in this mission.

Act before it’s too late ..

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