The population of Hindus in Kerala has declined from 69% in 1901 to 55% in 2011 making a loss of 14% in 11 decades.

As per the official records, in 2016 it has further declined to 51%. This figure is also not true because these records do not capture the true Hindu followers as many have converted to semitic religions still maintaining their Hindu identity for government benefits In Kerala, both Muslims and Christians have considerable presence and both have gained their share in this period. In fact there is a race between these religions as to who can convert more in the same span of time.

It has been observed that newer generations of Hindus are being targeted for religious conversions by both Christians and Muslims fanatic organizations in a systematic and consistent manner with money, administrative and muscle power.

Almost all of the victims are youngsters who are brain washed through spurious religious dogmas and half truths taking full advantage of their lack of clarity about their own religion.


We have analysed the current scenario through detailed case studies and close analysis of the data collected, and have arrived at the following conclusions:-

1. Hindus are being converted to both Christianity and Islam in a very rampant manner.

2. Both the religions which encourage conversions are operating with a clear agenda.

a. They have monitoring facilities and secretly give all help and encouragements to those who serve to implement their agenda.

b. Abundant funds are being pumped into their hands; sources of which has to be properly enquired.

3. To our surprise we have come across several well educated Hindus who are engineers and doctors in the converted lists.

4. The main reason for the educated youth to change their religion is their ignorance regarding the tenets of their religion and its unique universality compared to any other religion in the world.

5. As part of the conversion procedures, the names of the victims are changed and they are sent to special camps to brain wash and change mindset to newer practices. In some cases the old name of convertees is prefixed by a Christian name but retain their caste name for example George Aravindaksha Menon or Thiruvattar Krishnan kutty etc. to deceive Hindus or for not losing privileges of caste-reservations.

6. These Hindu converts who were negligent in their religious activities when they were Hindus, overnight become ardent followers of their converted religion. Moreover they become narrow minded, intolerant and rigid in their approach regarding religious matters.

a. There have been litigations in the court of Law filed by the near and dear ones of the converted persons. Impartial enquiries are not being conducted by the authorities since the ruling government is engaged in tricky politics with an eye on vote banks.

7. Conversions to Islam from Hindu religion are mostly young ladies. In several cases when a single son or daughter of a family is converted the whole family will be forced to follow suit if they want to keep the relationship with their son/ daughter.

8. Formerly these conversions were from the scheduled castes and tribes who were alienated from the mainstream by the arrogant behavior of forward caste Hindus. But these days members of wealthy families, forward castes, that too well educated graduates and post graduates are wooed into these traps. In fact they are the premium targets carrying more incentives to the facilitator, especially if the converted is the only son or daughter of the family.

9. Hindu parents when once affected by the tragedy are very eager to tap at the door of any Hindu organization seeking their help to retrieve back their wards. They conveniently forget the fact that they were the main culprits for this tragedy to occur by bringing up their children without imparting religious education which other religions are ardently following.

10. In fact Hindu Temples have to play leading roles in educating their followers regarding the basic principles of the religion so as to show how the same stands head and shoulders above all other religions in the world.

a. But precious nothing is being done in this direction. Our temple authorities and the clergy community are more concerned about rituals and ceremonies.

b. Their outlook is commercial to the core. Since the ruling government has got a say in temple matters the commercial outlook is strengthened more.

10. Islamic organizations are periodically conducting debates on religions and they are inviting selected personnel from Hindu organizations for participating in such events.

a. Some of the so called knowledgeable persons from Hindu community, even Sanyasins known world over are wooed into these traps.

b. They try to project their perceptions as knowledge without proper preparation, and consider these invitations as recognition of their spiritual wisdom participate in these debates.

c. Some of the strong points of Hinduism are taken up here as idiosyncrasies not able to withstand logical and rational thinking. The versions of those who ably defend those criticisms are edited out from the recordings of the debates. Speeches of those who have not made in depth studies are widely circulated.

12. Any state can afford to have a majority of Hindu population because they by nature are a tolerant community. But once the Hindus get relegated to the background in terms of numbers the present co-existence and so called secularism may disappear into thin air. Other communities especially the Muslims will try to weed them out.

13. The predicament of Kashmeeri Pundits should be a lesson for us. If we are reluctant to study from history, the history will repeat with meticulous accuracy thus punishing us for our complacent attitude. Of course it may take a few more years for such a change in scenario. But it will definitely happen if we do not take corrective steps without delay. Hindus may become aliens in their own home land. If such a calamity sets in, the coming generations of Hindus will never pardon us.

14. We in Arsha Vidya Samajam have succeeded in reversing almost all of the organized conversions reported to us. So far the number has exceeded 3000. Our detailed enquiry has revealed the fact that we have touched only the tip of the ice berg.

15. Once a person adopts a new religion he will never be prepared to have a dialogue based on the scriptures of his/her religion at birth. To win back the victim, the counselor should start the dialogue based on the scriptures of the religion to which the person concerned had been converted. The counselor should be able to highlight the comparative merits of the Hindu Dharma compared to all other religions.

16. Conversion to Islam and Christianity is a continuous phenomenon in Kerala as well as in several other states of the country but constantly denied by the ruling State Governments responsible for checking them. In denying the reality or in disregarding the same, state governments led either by the leftists or rightists compete among themselves. The perpetrators of conversion from Hindu religion to Islam or Christianity are performing this mischief with clear agenda, lots of funding from interested international organizations as well as sufficient muscle power and silent support from ruling state governments and Medias.

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Actually these religions and their different sects are competing with each other for converting Hindu people. Each one utilizes lots of funds and missionaries and all kinds of measures to this end. We are becoming mere preys or silently witnessing the conversions blissfully ignorant of its consequences. After joining these sects they become ardent missionaries to canvas other Hindus too in their fold. After conversion they become intolerant and they are vociferous against our Dharma, our concept of God, Gurus, Books, Temples and even against our very nation, culture and our ancestors etc. They do not accept temple prasads saying simply because it was from demonic Gods! A tolerant man while he is in Hindu Dharma easily becomes a fanatic after conversion. That is the real situation prevailing and we cannot hide it. It is a naked fact. Just for building religious tolerance these conversions should be checked by law. We remember the intelligent words and caution made by Swami Vivekananda in his Sartha Sathi(150 year) birth celebrations that, if a Hindu converts to Muslim or Christian we not only loose one person from our Dharma, but also create one more enemy for our dharma, our nation and culture.

Annual report of World Christian Council, a joint forum of all Christian groups clearly states that about 5000 people are converting to Christian faiths in every day in India. They did not publicize these conversions for various reasons. 99% of these converts are from Hindu Dharma. Islam also is converting so many people and turns many into terrorists. This will continue as long as the Hindus are negligent towards matters relating to their religion. As against this a few Hindu organizations like ours is fighting a very odd battle. Among them our style of functioning is rather unique. Our weapons are sharpened by the knowledge gained from comparative analysis of each religion. But considering our limited resources, though we have achieved hundred percent results in the cases we have intervened; its impact is rather negligible compared to the requirements. If we want to intensify our activities we need more funds, more volunteers who can speak many languages prevalent in India apart from their mother tongue and English. Hindus throughout our country earnestly look forward towards you for a helping hand. Opportunities very rarely come like this.

We earnestly request you to strengthen our hands by all means so that Hindus do not become aliens in their land of birth. In fact ultimately it is a question of our existence in this Holy land. We will be forced to pay a very heavy price if we are not prepared to discard our don’t care attitude relating to our religion.

Hope you will give due importance to the grave problem our country is facing in the present moment and do what all you can for squarely meeting the same. . Expecting serious consideration of the points raised and an early favorable action, In ARSHA VIDYA SAMAJAM, therefore, we consciously include two important subjects for detailed study. They are ADHYATMIKA SASTHRAM(Spiritual Science includes Sanathana Dharma and Comparative Study of Major Religions), SAMSKRITHI(Cultural Heritage of India) apart from YOGA VIDYA.


The main weak points of Hindu leaders are that, they are not thorough with their religious texts. Also they do not even care to have at least a glimpse of the religious books of Islam and Christianity (though they are not much in number). If done, it would have helped them to perform better in such public platforms. Hindus do have an inborn laziness in these matters for which they will be forced to pay a heavy price in the very near future. To address the current challenges facing our great tradition we need to implement the following or face extinction of our religion in near future


a. Kids’ Awareness Programme

b. Youth Awareness Programmes

c. Train the Trainers


a. To bring back disillusioned souls who have lost faith in Hinduism and accepted semitic religions

b. Preventive Counselling for Family Members

c. Preventive Counselling for Corporates & Communities


a. Produce and propogate knowledge videos and materials on sanathana Dharma on Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter

b. Prepare fact based comparative religion studies videos and materials

c. Publish and promote books and literature in all forms across all segments of the village society

4. Missionary Concept

a. Who is a missionary (Dharma pracharak) A Hindu Missionary is a fully trained person who has in-depth knowledge of practical sanathana Dharma and comparative Religious studies

b. Missionary Functions Hindu Missionary will be deployed across every Village in India starting with most affected states of Kerala Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

c. Missionary Activities Teaching and Counselling of sanathana Dharma ways and comparative religion to kids Youth and Adults of the village. Bring back the disillusioned minds who have converted to other religions back to Hinduism

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