To bring back generations of disillusioned Hindus to the right understanding and practice of Dharma and uniting them as proud Sanathana Dharmis fulfilling the mottos “Krinwantho Vishwamaryam” – make the whole universe noble, “Manurbhava Janaya Daivyam Janam” – be the human and create divine beings, “Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu” – may there be peace for all. To create a heavenly place out of the ordinary, to re-establish Satyayuga, to impel men to be of divine nature is the motto of Sanathana Dharma.

Mission of Arsha world

To create Dharma Pracharaks; Hindu missionaries to disseminate Sanathana Dharma to the entire world.

By doing so, eliminate the misconceptions about Hinduism caused by fabricated concepts created and propagated by vested interests over the centuries.

To prevent forceful and illegal conversions from Hinduism to other religions by falling prey to their fallacies and tricks through Comparative Religion study.

To establish Sadhana Shakthi Kendras at the grassroot levels of society to impart, promote, and preserve Sanathana Dharma while serving the society.


Why do we need to take Sanathana Dharma to the world?

Ancient day Rishis of India had strong ‘Missionary Spirit’. They travelled far and wide to disseminate Sanathana Dharma. Gradually, superstitions, caste-based division of society, unscientific beliefs etc dampened this spirit.

As a result, religions that were born out of Hinduism and the religions much younger than Hinduism made way into several countries and were widely accepted. The main reason is the Missionary Spirit of their dedicated Pracharaks.

Over time, the spread of other religions has lead to misinterpretations about Hinduism and marred facts to make way for fabricated concepts.

How we can take Sanathana Dharma to the world?

Dharma Pracharaka Paddhati is an intense project planned at creating Dharma Pracharaks; Hindu missionaries to educate the world about Sanathana Dharma.

It was Swami Vivekananda ji’s vision to unite and empower Hindus through the generation of Missionaries. In his book, Uthishta Bharat, Swami ji makes a proclamation to the Hindu society to give him 5000 dedicated young men and women and he would be able to reform Hindu society and take Sanathana Dharma to the whole world. Unfortunately, no one came forward to help. He travelled to the West to gather funds to train these people. This remained a dream long after Swami ji lifetime. In 2013, the 150th Birth Anniversary of Vivekananda ji was celebrated ceremoniously. Yet, Swamiji’s dream was not a matter of priority.

To fulfill this vision of Swami Vivekananda ji and to create Dharma Pracharaks to take Sanathana Dharma to the world is the Mission of Aarsha Vidya Samajam.

Who is a Dharma Pracharak?

A trained individual capable of dedicating his time, energy, and talent wholly for the purpose of dissemination of Sanathana Dharma and related sciences throughout the world, and empowering people for the benefit of the world is a Dharma Pracharak i.e., Hindu Missionary.

They can serve as teachers, trainers, researchers, writers, speakers, debaters, activists, or any other capability based on their strengths and interests.

How is the project planned?

The project is an all expenses paid program for 1 year to be executed in Kerala*.

The candidates undergo a fully residential, rigorous training for the initial 2 months. They will be taught:
1. Adhyatmika Shastram (Sanathana Dharma and Comparative Religion with focus on Islam and Christianity)
2. Bharathiya Sanskriti(Cultural Heritage of India)
3. Yoga Vidya
4. Students’ Excellence Program
And trained in
1. Martial Arts
2. IT Skills
3. PR skills
4. Language skills
5. Management skills
6. Soft skills etc.

*The project is planned to be executed in other States beginning with South Indian States after successful execution in Kerala.

What does the candidate(now Dharma Pracharaks) do post training?

Of the 30 Dharma Pracharaks,
14 will be designated as District Incharges for the 14 districts of Kerala respectively
4 will be designated as District Coordinators for the 4 regions(Sambhag) comprising the districts of Kerala respectively
6 will be designated as IT, Media, and Publishing team
6 will be designated as PR team

Their primary responsibilities are:

District Incharges
• Set up and manage Sadhana Sakthi Kendras(refer 8.) in their respective districts.
• Set up Social Service centres, counseling centres, distress relief cells, disaster relief cells etc.
• Set up committees at all administrative levels of their respective district; starting from District Committee to Ward Committees to address societal issues and educate people about Sanathana Dharma.

District Coordinators
• Coordinate, manage, and monitor the District Incharges of their respective region.
• District Incharges report to them.

IT, Media, and Publishing Team
• Manage IT and Social Media aspects.
• Manage publishing and distribution of books and print material
• Conduct classes, courses, discussion forums on digital media such as online classes, CDs.
• Appoint Distributors for Print content.

PR Team
• Manage non-digital publicity and relations and garner support from all quarters.
• Obtain appointments from supporters and prospective supporters to create awareness about the work we do through relevant promotion material.
• Maintain public relations.

What are Sadhana Shakthi Kendras?

Sadhana Sakthi Kendras will be established and developed on the lines of real Kshetras or real Ashramas. “Kshayath Trayathe Ithi Kshethram” - Kshetram is that which provides overall liberation from miseries of individuals and society and promotes their overall development; physical, intellectual, social, spiritual.

These Sadhana Shakthi Kendras will be centres for serving people through:
• Anushthanam
• Gaveshanam
• Sanghatanam
• Janajagaranam
• Janasamgraham
• Janaprashikshanam
• Jananiyogam
• Janasevanam
• Janashakthikaranam
• Janasamrakshanam

How much will it cost?

• Project duration: 1 year
• Project Estimate : Rs 5 crore for a maximum of 100 candidates

The project expenses include:
• A monthly stipend of Rs 20,000 each for the 100 candidates
• Publicity costs to screen and pool interested candidates
• Training costs
• Food and Accommodation
• Travel expenses
• Cost of setting up Sadhana Shakthi Kendras

How do we pool this money?

This project is of crowdfunding model.

There are 2 ways in which you can contribute to the project:

1. Prefunding -
Amount to be sourced: Rs 1 crore

2. Continuous funding -
Cost of stipend for 1 Dharma Pracharak for 1 year – Rs 20,000 x 12 = Rs 2,40,000 (2.4 Lakh)

Number of Dharma Pracharaks – 100

So we will require atleast 100 contributors who will contribute an amount of Rs 20,000 each month for 12 months.

Note: Those contributors who contribute as per the prefunding model or sponsor the cost of a Dharma Pracharak wholly will be termed Promoters. These Promoters will be a part of the Advisory Committee.

You could also contribute in smaller amounts to other expenses apart from stipend of the Dharma Pracharaks. Such contributors will be termed Sponsors.

What happens after 1 year?

Post the training, once the Dharma Pracharaks start working on field, they will also work on finding sponsors to train another set of candidates.

In one year, there will be 4-5 batches of training.

The money for this training will be sourced by the District Incharges. Each of the 14 District Incharges find sponsors for ONE another candidate (i.e., Rs 20,000 for 12 months = 2.4 Lakh) through the below model:

The above is just a representation. Contributions may be made in any combinations.

To create awareness among a larger group of people, money can be financed through small businesses, shops, and individuals who donate on a daily basis through the below model:


Working out of a lone modest centre in Tripunithura in Ernakulam, Kerala, we have been successful in bringing back more than 3000 Hindus who had wandered to follow and accept the fallacies of other religions to the right path of Sanathana Dharma.

Imagine the magnitude of work we can do if we are able to operate out of every district of Kerala and India.

Through this we would be able to teach the magnificence of our Dharma to millions and enable them to love their religion rather than oppose it due to the unfair practices and misconceptions rampant in society about Hinduism.

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