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Sruthi, Chithra, Santhi Krishna, and Kasaragod Athira haave narrated their first-hand experiences during their journey back to Hinduism after having converted to other religions through radicalisation.

They expose how radical religious forces operate skillfully in converting a person to their religion, making the victim initially averse to one’s own religion, then to the society and country, family, and finally to their own identity.

These books narrated as a dialogue, will be very useful in overcoming religious conversion through Love Jihad, Love Gospel, etc. while also coming handy in bringing back converts to Hinduism through Counselling. After Chattampi Swamikal’s ‘Christhumatha Chedanam’, this is perhaps the first time Hindu Society has come up with serious and detailed research on religious matters. These four books are going to be a revolution by themselves.

These books explain how to bring back and rehabilitate through Religious Counselling, those who have lost their reasoning power and ability to think logically after having been in close interaction with religious fanatics.

These books are for all religious converts, and those who are on the verge of converting. A patient reading of this book will surely make you reassess your decision to convert.

Book Title: Oru Paravarthanathinte Katha

Book Code: OPK

Author: O Sruthi

Price: Rs 150/- plus postage Rs 40/-

This is my first-hand account of how I, born in an Orthodox Brahmin family, fell into the alluring influence of Islam.

Having converted and accepted a Muslim outlook, I started identifying myself as Rahmath.

I had vowed to work for the propagation of Islam and destroy Hinduism. I disregarded my own family.

By a fortunate turn of events, I came to Aarsha Vidya Samajam, and realised the magnificence of Sanathana Dharma.

Book Title: Irulilninnu Velichathileykku

Book Code: IV

Author: Chithra G Krishnan

Price: Rs 150/- plus postage Rs 40/-

Coming from a family of Marxist ideologies, and grown in Islamic surroundings, I was easily attracted towards Islam. I converted to Islam and changed my name to Nasreen.

I had a realisation and returned to Sanathana Dharma through counselling at Aarsha Vidya Samajam.

My book describes in detail the tactics employed by the conversion forces in this organised business of strategic conversions.

Book Title: Njan Athira

Book Code: NA

Author: Kasaragod S Athira

Price: Rs 280/- plus postage Rs 40/-

I, Athira, left home, as Ayesha, leaving behind a 22-page letter to my parents describing why my decision to adopt Islam was justified and, why they should convert too.

After undergoing a course at Aarsha Vidya Samajam, I proclaimed that I no more identify myself as a Muslim and, I am returning to my Swadharma and my reasons for leaving Islam.

Those unhappy with my return to Hinduism have unleashed propaganda to malign Aarsha Vidya Samajam.

My book is a straight-forward comeback to those people, and organisations.

Book Title: Punarjani

Book Code: PJ

Author: Santhi Krishna

Price: Rs 170/- plus postage Rs 40/-

I was a Medical Nurse by profession in Malé, when I started inclining towards the fundamentalist Christian ideologies and, took steps towards changing my religion.

In my book, I describe in detail the story of how I was misled into converting and, how I was able to re-adopt Sanathana Dharma under the guidance of Aarsha Vidya Samajam.

Having corrected my polluted ideolgies, I am currently a full-time activist at Aarsha Vidya Samajam.

Book Title: Bharatha Prabhavam

Book Code: BP

Author: Yogacharya K R

Price: Rs 250/- plus postage Rs 40/-

Acharya ji writes about how Indian culture and heritage influenced thinkers and schools of thought around the world.

Also includes a distinction between Christ's vision and modern Christianity and, shares evidence from the Bible where it states that Jesus Christ was a Yogi who practiced Sanathana Dharma.

Acharya ji shares the authentic knowledge of Santhana Dharma through his tremendous experience gained by being a descendant of several Guruparamaparas.

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