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Here are a few typical cases of young educated Hindus trapped into conversion by vested interest groups and unscrupulous missionaries and our success stories of bringing them back to our noble and peaceful religion of sanathana Dharma.

Its been observed that most of these converted people are living in the fear of their new God’s punishment and after-life sufferings at hell, which makes them completely disturbed and agitated, hence resorting to never-ending penances.

We were successful in bringing them a normal state of mind to live peacefully for the rest of the life.

All these were possible through dialogues conducted by the counselors of Arsha Vidya Samajam with the victims of conversion.

Athira Cherupullacherri giving interview to Marunadan Malayalee channel on her returning back to Hinduism
Interview with Athira, who converted to Islam in Malapuram I Marunadan Malayali

Sruthi belongs to the Perla Village of Kasargod district in Kerala.

She is the only daughter of a Haveeka Brahmin family. Father O. Sankara Narayana Bhat and mother Smt. Sarada. She is a post graduate in English literature and is employed as a School Teacher. In her adolescent age, Sruthi having a slightly above average IQ, wanted to know more about the Hindu religion, Sanathana Dharma, Vedanta Philosophy etc.. Unfortunately the orthodox surroundings in which she was being brought up, rather killed her curiosity and asked her to fall in line with the rituals and vain practices of Hindu religion.

She felt annoyed and had a feeling that her religion was most unfair to the fair sex. Her parents or leaders of her community could not or rather did not bother to clear her doubts regarding the logic behind several rituals and practices. She was thus disappointed to the core regarding her religion. Nobody could show her the strength and glamour of Hindu Religion. Chances for exposure to these areas of knowledge were very much limited in those days. It was under such a circumstance she completed her education and got a job and was able to support herself. She was easily influenced by some of her colleagues who belonged to Islam religion. They were adept in their scriptures which surprised her very much. They used to explain the why and what of their religious practices to Sruthi.

Slowly the idea dawned upon her mind that their religion is more logical and scientific in approach and she started respecting Islam. Her colleagues even furnished several small religious texts and pamphlets and cunningly started wooing her to Islam. Sruthi who could not get a warm reception by the religion of her birth was wondering by the manner in which she was being treated by her Islamic colleagues. Gradually her colleagues for whom wooing individuals from other faiths to Islam is part of their religious functioning succeeded in converting Sruthi to Islam. She was given several books for study, was asked to visit different web sites so as to amass as much information for working like a missionary for Islam. She formally joined the Ma-Oonathul Islam sabha, PONNANI, (MALAPPURAM DISTRICT KERALA) for Islamic Studies Officially. When once she completed her course she was given a new name Rahmat. It was at this stage her parents became aware of the trap into which their only daughter has fallen.

While in Hindu religion Sruthi had a don’t care attitude towards her religion. But now once converted to Islam, the indoctrination she had undergone at Ponnani made her more a fundamentalist. She was not even prepared to hear the views of her well wishers and relatives regarding Hindu religion. Litigations were initiated by her parents but the scope of success of the same was very limited considering the fact that Sruthi has completed 18 years of age and she was well educated and capable enough to take her own decisions in matters of religion. Ultimately seeing the agonized face of her mother she agreed to return to her house to be with her mother for a couple of days. This facilitated Viswa Hindu Parishad, and Hindu Aikya Vedi activists to take her to our ARSHA VIDYA SAMAJAM for counseling.

Sruthi on her arrival at our Office was just like an orthodox Muslim in her behavior and was reluctant for any dialogue regarding her decision to change her religion. Her mother ultimately had only one request to her, that she should meet our counselors for a talk. When our counselors met Sruthi, she told them that she has agreed to meet them just to appease her mother to whom she had a soft corner. In turn they should not try to play tricks on her for bringing her back to Hinduism. She considered her conversion to Islam a closed chapter.

She clearly stated that she wanted to spread Islam to the best of her ability and there is no question of her returning to Hinduism. But the tactical approach of our counselors prompted her to attend several of our spiritual classes and the teachers could clearly and convincingly answer all her questions. She was surprised to learn that tenets of Islam which were taught to her in the Ponnani Centre are better known to our counselors. They also knew the dark side of that religion which were hidden to the new converts. Quoting were made from the Khoran, Hadees etc. which no one can contradict. Side by side with that, tenets of Hinduism which Sruthi had no occasion to learn even though she was born in that religion were also taught.

She was asked to compare and contrast the merits and demerits of both the religions and find out for herself which religion is more logical and scientific. After attending the classes she got a clear idea regarding “Sanathana Dharma” and its importance in our worldly life. Gradually she became proud to be born in a Hindu family and was rather ashamed regarding her foolish decision to move out from that religion and embrace Islam. By the end of the course she decided to be a dedicated Hindu and volunteered her services for the spread of this noble religion and also the cultural heritage of our great country. Now Sruthi is one of our faculties helping us in all our activities. Her knowledge of various languages such as Kannada, Tulu apart from Hindi ,English and Malayalam has helped us immensely to bring back several similar victims of conversion from different parts of Karnataka.


Chithra belongs to Malappuram District of Kerala. Her father Mr. Gopalakrishnan was a senior leader of the state Committee leader of teachers union of Communist Marxist Party(C.P.I(M)) functioning in Naduvath. Similarly her mother Smt. Rajamma was an activist of the Mahila Association which is the women outfit of the Communist Party (Marxist).

She was a graduate in Mathematics apart from that she had earned diplomas in Job Counseling and Office Administration. From her child hood days she was brought up in an Islamic atmosphere and her parents who were preoccupied with politics were least bothered about the religious tenets, ceremonies and rituals. Somehow Chithra came into the influence of an Organization by name Dawathul Islamic and undergone study of Islam which ultimately ended up in she converting herself to Islam. She has also changed her name to Nasrin. But smelling danger her parents cajoled her to come to our Arsha Vidya Samajam and attend our spiritual classes.

The classes clearly depicted the tenets of Islam as studied by her as also the minus points of that religion which is the root cause of all militancy in this whole world. Similarly Hinduism was also taught along with all its merits and demerits. Students were then prompted to make a comparative study of both so as to find out which one is more acceptable. Chithra very soon understood her folly of conversion to Islam and happily came back to Hindu religion and offered herself to Arsha Vidya Samajam so as to play a very active role in the activities of the Samajam.

Chithra is now a fulltime activist of Arsha Vidya Samajam. Since then she could play a leading role in bringing back several of those who moved to Christianity and Islam back to Hinduism.


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Born and brought up at Katbelthur of Udupi Dist. He belongs to a middle class family. He was practicing Islam since 2 years. While we get him to our hand he was hard believer and follower of Islam. He was challenging us that he can prove that Islam is the only religion and Allah is the only God. But as attending the sathsanga, and basic level of the course Adhyathmika Sastram and practicing Sadhana, he threw out Islam within two weeks.


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A scientist based in Germany who was a Konkani Brahmin who had converted to Pentecostal Christianity in Germany.

He has been successfully brought back to sanathana Dharma after counselling by Arsha Vidya members.


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A medical doctor associated to a leading hospital in KOCHI, converted to Islam. And despite request from top religious leaders she was not willing to leave Islam.

She has been successfully brought back to sanathana Dharma after counselling by Arsha Vidya members.


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A medical practitioner who converted to Jehovah’s Witness.

He has been successfully brought back to sanathana Dharma after counselling by Arsha Vidya members.


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What is depicted above is a few typical and selected cases of reconversion to Hinduism made possible through the intervention of the activists of Arsha Vidya Samajam.

This list is not exhaustive. We were able to achieve the same results in hundreds of other cases too. Yet we know we have touched only the tip of the ice berg.

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